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Development & Communication

Exhibitions & Residency Coordinator

Visitors Services & Cultural Program

Youth Education Program coordinator & Mediation

Educational Program Assistant

Receptionist: Véronique Artige
Creative workshops: Hélène Deléan and Anna Principaud, artists
Registrar: Laurent Isnard


* Signatures is an editorial email space conceived by Géraldine Longueville for the art centre team in their email sgnatures sent during the exhibition “Greek-style Problems” (29/9/2015 – 12/12/2015):


Emilie Director

In charge of suspending time

For future thoughts

In charge of tools and mechanisms,

Of the sharing of ideas,

Of their echoes through the rooms,

The house, the kitchen, the gallery

Multi multi host

To build a community


Géraldine Longueville
Administration officer
In charge of the living currency,
Its conversion

In charge of the letter, the addressing

The meeting, the board

And the political tool,

Its use and promises


Marjolaine Da Silva-Calipel
Head of Development & Communication

In charge of speech and correspondence

The voice and its echoes,

Carrying on the image,

Bringing up the source to the flux

Standing before, standing after

And afterwards


Florence Marqueyrol
Head of Visitors Services and Cultural Program

In charge of the word, its meaning,
The history, its trajectory
In charge of the flow,
The doorstep, the entry
In charge of the conversation,
The links, the knots, the nests


Nathanaëlle Puaud
Exhibitions & Residency Coordinator
In charge of making and measuring
Setting the time, watching the law
In charge of the house and the fire
Of the art we show here
Of the art we make there


Céline Thiriot Laneres
Youth Education Program coordinator & Mediation

In charge of the tale, the circle,
The drawing, the comment,
The living language
The transcript
Taking care of the gaze,
Its variations,
And the attitudes
And the feelings


Malika Lounis
Educational Program Assistant
Taking care of the ground
And fraternal work
The training and the federation
Local sources
And global curiosity