Performance by Euridice Zaituna Kala: Mackandal turns into a butterfly – a love potion

10/11/18 | 4.00 pm - 6.00 pm

The artist Euridice Zaituna Kala invites publics to dance with Mackandal, known for his warrior spirit and success with women. On this occasion, the exhibition space is transformed in playground and place for exchanges conducive to magic.


François Mackandal (dead in 1758) was a slave on the island of San Domingo. His origin remains unknown, some historians consider that he was Congolese, but others think he was born in Senegal, Mali or Guinea, because of his Muslim faith. He led many rebellions in the North of the island, thirty years before the Haïtian Revolution.

“Mackandal was an orator, in the opinion of a white contemporary equal in eloquence to the European orators of the day, and different only in his superior strength and vigour. He was fearless and, though one-handed from an accident, had a fortitude of spirit which he knew how to preserve in the midst of the most cruel tortures. He claimed to predict the future; like Mahomet he had revelations; he persuaded his followers that he was immortal and exercised such a hold over them that they considered it an honour to serve him on their knees; the handsomest women fought for the privilege of being admitted to his bed.1


1 C.L.R. James, Black Jacobins: Toussaint L’Ouverture and the San Domingo Revolution, “The Property”, p.21, 1938.