Season 2017–2018: a house of dust, a house of stone, a house of

For this new season La Galerie will be entirely dedicated to the concept of hospitality. Hospitality raises the issue of our capacity for receptiveness, open-mindedness, generosity and accessibility towards events and other people. It is necessarily a question, a horizon, an impetus in that its full realisation – a radical hospitality – would involve turning the building inside out like a…

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My Tongue Does This to Me
Hedwig Houben and Jean-Charles de Quillacq
19/01/2018 – 24/03/2018

Up until then my tongue just lay there in my mouth in a perfectly normal way. Then it got talked about and took on a certain weight and volume in my mouth. It became something special, partly visible and partly invisible, not completely a part of me and not completely belonging to me. “My tongue […]

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