Cécile Hadj-Hassan's outdoor project

7 Nov. 2023 — 21 May 2024

Artistic and cultural education project as part of the “La Culture et l’Art au Collège” program, supported by the Département de la Seine-Saint-Denis.


With 5th and Segpa 5th graders from collège Jacques-Prévert in Noisy-le-Sec.


“Tracer” is a project by artist Cécile Hadj-Hassan. The term tracer [to trace] is both synonymous with methodical drawing – slow and careful – and mental projection. In everyday French language, it characterizes an imminent departure or a very rapid movement. These two almost opposite definitions give rise to a wish expressed by Cécile Hadj-Hassan: that everyday places that have been “traced” become “traced” in a different way.

For “Tracer”, Cécile Hadj-Hassan invited students from the collège Jacques-Prévert in Noisy-le-Sec to take part in discussions and workshops on the themes of territory, space and identity: through logbooks, sensitive maps of their daily living spaces, walks, fingerprinting and performances.

The places where the participants live are destined to be transformed, or in some cases are already being transformed. These will be the starting point for artistic inventions, inviting participants to modify their view of their environment and their capacity to create.

Cécile Hadj-Hassan

Cécile Hadj-Hassan (b. 1990) lives and works in Seine-Saint-Denis.

An artist and video-maker, she is interested in identity, memory and the relationship between the body and the outside world. Sensitive to the points of friction between science and spirituality, she uses ritual forms to explore our relationship with mysticism and heredity.