Tami Notsani

Mues. Am I what I am?, 2007

Camille Lévèque

Sans titre, 2017

Loans from the departmental collection of contemporary art

D’où je viens ? Qui suis-je ? Mon histoire dans l’Histoire

Outdoor project with Seine-Saint-Denis Department

15 Nov. 2021 — 21 Apr. 2022

Cultural action project developed as part of the Académie de Créteil’s “Artistic and Cultural Education Project”, in partnership with the Seine-Saint-Denis Department


With a year 10 class from collège Le Parc à Aulnay-sous-Bois


The staff of La Galerie help the students in the realisation of an exhibition within their school, with works from the departmental collection of contemporary art. They work through all the steps involved in creating an exhibition, from conception to mediation, including the selection of works and their arrangement in the space.


The students are first invited to discover the works in the collection, then identify those that they are interested in and which encourage them to think about their place in society in relation to the migratory stories they have inherited. Their exhibition tells a unique story/history: that of their perception of the world and of society (the relationship to identity, traditions, the notion of self in relation to others, what it means to be a citizen and racism). This sensitive, autobiographical approach to the collection influences the mediation programme (conceived in collaboration with the staff artist Anna Ternon), translating into a set of texts that recount each student’s relationship to the photographs, films, paintings and drawings in the exhibition.


Exhibition “J’étais… Je suis ! Je serai” from 1st to 21 April 2022
Opening Friday 1 April

The departmental collection of contemporary art

Created in 1986, the departmental collection of contemporary art brings together almost 2,500 artworks, acquired in France and internationally, from well-known artists and young creators.


Its growth is testament is the diversity of the creative fields and it is part of the constitution of a broader legacy that contributes to Seine-Saint-Denis’s influence beyond its borders.  The objective is to support contemporary creation and to promote access to it via its circulation throughout the region. Numerous exhibitions and educational programmes are organised in collaboration with the cities and cultural institutions of Seine-Saint-Denis.


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