Photos © Céline Drouin Laroche

La fabrique des masques

Céline Drouin Laroche’s outdoor project

28 Sept. 2021 — 31 May 2022

Cultural action project developed as part of the Région Île-de-France’s artistic and cultural education programme


With year 11 and 12 students studying fashion professions at the lycée professionnel Théodore Monod in Noisy-le-Sec, and a class from year 13 studying art as an elective at the lycée Olympe de Gouges in Noisy-le-Sec


Working with several high school students from Noisy-le-Sec, the artist Céline Drouin Laroche questions our relationships to masks in contemporary visual culture (demonstrations, clubbing, performances, etc.). Through textile production workshops and dedicated writing periods, she invites the students to create a collaborative project that unites the different teaching approaches used in their specialised studies.  

After presenting the performative uses of contemporary masks, the students create their own masks and work with the choreographer Julia Vercelli in a final performance, presented in May 2022 on a sports field shared between lycée professionnel Théodore Monod and lycée Olympe de Gouges.

Céline Drouin Laroche

Céline Drouin Laroche (born in 1986), lives and works in Montreuil (Île-de-France).


A transdisciplinary artist and a graduate of the art schools of Nantes and Cergy, Céline Drouin Laroche develops filmic, performative and photographic installations connected to (de)colonisation, the building of communities and queer feminist thinking. Her work is an intimate exploration of the political, driven by ideas of narration of the self and of the world. She conceives projects in which she seeks to meet individuals and groups, questioning their identities, imaginaries, knowledge, practices and the places they inhabit.