Exhibition views of “Tissus urbains”, 2021

Photos © Aurélien Mole

© Adagp, Paris, 2021

Tissus urbains

Larissa Fassler’s exhibition

23 Jan. — 10 Jul. 2021

  • Curating:Marc Bembekoff

In works markedly influenced by sociology and architecture, Larissa Fassler (b. 1975, lives and works in Berlin) calls on an artistic vocabulary that exposes, simultaneously, the architectural organisation and the social and political sedimentation of public urban spaces. She brings to this analysis an organic, subjective dimension orchestrated as large drawings, maquettes and sculptures. In this way metro stations (Gare du Nord in Paris, Alexanderplatz in Berlin), squares and agoras (Place de la Concorde in Paris, Taksim Square in Istanbul, Kottbusser Tor and Moritzplatz in Berlin, Columbus Circle in New York) are subjected to a personal reinterpretation focused on the issues of otherness and social interaction, together with our relationship with public space.


In Noisy-le-Sec, during a residency involving numerous workshops with local people, Larissa Fassler concentrated on the area immediately around La Galerie, in particular the Esplanade Simone-Veil. One outcome was a large-scale maquette of the tower blocks surrounding the art centre: architecturally speaking, their facades replicate the detail of the 1970s originals, but the reverse sides are given over to hybrid patterns inspired by the clothing (brands, textile motifs, etc.) worn by the users of a colourful, socially mixed neighbourhood. Visitors are invited to stroll through the installation as if it were a theatre stage reflecting the surrounding urban fabric. Taking up one of the walls in the exhibition, an outsize map of Noisy-le-Sec gives visitors the opportunity to project their visions and impressions of the municipality and thus bring change to the standardised representation resorted to by town planning.


This exhibition is supported by the Canadian Council for the Arts and the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris.

In parallel, Larissa Fassler’s exhibition “Ground Control” is presented at Galerie Poggi (Paris), from 23 January to 27 February 2021.

Around the exhibition

Saturdays 30 January, 13 February, 13 March, 29 May and 19 June 2021, 2:30pm  4:30pm (by phone)

        “Une œuvre au bout du fil”

Phone discussion with a visitor assistant about Larissa Fassler’s exhibition, 20 minutes

To register: lagalerie@noisylesec.fr


Saturday 6 February 2021, 5pm (online)

        Virtual tour of the exhibition
        Live with Larissa Fassler

        To register: lagalerie@noisylesec.fr


Thursday 11 February 2021, 6:30pm (online)

        “Une histoire des artistes dans la ville ”  

        Talk by Marc Bembekoff, La Galerie director

Part of the series “Une histoire de…” and the programme of Médiathèque Roger-Gouhier “Prenez soin de vous !”
In partnership with Médiathèque Roger-Gouhier
To register: lagalerie@noisylesec.fr


Saturday 13 February 2021, 5pm (online)

Virtual tour of Larissa Fassler’s three exhibitions: “Critical Cartography: Larissa Fassler in Manchester” at Currier Museum of Art in Manchester (New Hampshire, USA), “Ground Control” at Galerie Poggi (Paris) and “Tissus urbains” at La Galerie, centre d’art contemporain de Noisy-le-Sec
To register: lagalerie@noisylesec.fr


Saturday 20 February 2021, 2:15, 3:30 and 4:45pm

        Digital art workshop for all

Part of the programme of Médiathèque Roger-Gouhier “Take care!”
To register: lagalerie@noisylesec.fr

Médiathèque Roger-Gouhier

3 rue Jean Jaurès

F-93130 Noisy-le-Sec

+33 (0)1 83 74 57 61


Saturday 20 March 2021, 3pm  5pm

        “Noisy en tous sens !”

Sensory walk with Chris Blache (urban anthropologist) and Pascale Lapalud (town planner, designer) of the Genre et Ville (Gender and the City) research and action platform

To register: lagalerie@noisylesec.fr


The sensory walk has been recorded: webradio R-22 Tout-monde

Creative Saturdays (6-12 years) – (cancelled)

Each Saturday, 2:30pm  4pm (except for school holidays) 

Free workshops, by registration: lagalerie.publics@noisylesec.fr


With artist Céline Drouin Laroche, participants explore a number of visual techniques connected to the exhibition.


More information on the Creative Saturdays

Educational workshops (schools, extracurricular activities)

Discovery sessions (2h)


  • “What a place is about?” with artist Céline Drouin Laroche: sensitive creation of the different districts of Noisy-le-Sec from photographs, notes and drawings.


  • “Ma ville” with artist Céline Drouin Laroche: creation of a map of the city from daily movements and activities.


  • “Archi baby” with artist Céline Drouin Laroche: working on the circulation and displacement in the context of a housing plan.


  • “Une ville pour se rencontrer” with artist Anna Ternon: creation of a paper model thinking about spaces conducive to meeting.


More information on the educational workshops

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